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    Why Work With a Psychologist

    There are many reasons to work specifically with a Psychologist as compared to a counsellor or Social Worker. All benefit plans cover Psychologists counselling. Insurance plans do not always cover Social workers and Counsellors. Being able to use one’s benefits is critical when seeking support. Using benefits allows for less financial stress and more ongoing support.
    Psychologists must go through much more rigorous training and education than other counsellors and social workers are required to. They complete 6-7 years of education. Psychologists also complete a practicum, residency and two national licensing exams.

    The term Psychologist is a protected term. Other names such as therapist and counsellor are not. Psychologists also have a supervisor and complete ongoing education. They ensure that they stay relevant in the filed.
    The Calgary Institute of Counselling commits to excellency. We complete continuing education and have supervisors. It is vital that we stay relevant in our field. This ensures that we have a high caliber of Counselling.