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  • What is Art Therapy?

    At some point in most of our lives, there will come a time when we experience a mental health crisis. It may come after a divorce, the loss of a loved one, or another traumatic event.

    Many traditional types of therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT, can be very effective at helping people overcome their depression, anxiety, and other symptoms. That is, if they are comfortable using verbal communication to share their pain.

    Many people are not comfortable enough with their communication skills or their own emotions to be able to benefit from traditional talk therapies. This is especially true with young children. In these cases, art therapy can be very worthwhile.

    What is Art Therapy?

    Art therapy uses creative outlets such as painting, collage, and drawing to help people express themselves in a way they feel comfortable. The art they create can then be used by the therapist to better understand their behaviors and emotional health. Just as our dreams use symbolism to “tell” us about ourselves, art does the same.

    Who is Art Therapy Right for?

    Art therapy is a great option for small children, adolescents, and adults who have a difficult time understanding their own emotions or speaking about them. Art therapy has been successfully used to improve self-esteem, relieve stress and anxiety, manage addictions, and improve symptoms of depression.

    If you are interested in exploring art therapy, please get in touch with me. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have and see if art therapy may be a good fit for you.