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  • Childhood Anxiety & Depression

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    Children are a wonderful gift. It can be scary to notice that your child is struggling. Unfortunately, life can be really challenging for children and they can experience mental health struggles. Fortunately, children’s brains are very plastic, like playdough. They can heal and learn effective ways of coping very quickly and therefore have less distress as they grow up.

    If you are concerned about your child these are common signs and symptoms of Mental Health Struggles:

    Emotional symptoms

    • Overwhelming fears of things that are normally not seen as scary
    • Lack of appetite
    • Regressing to a younger, or infantile state
    • Lack of concentration
    • Trouble performing in school
    • False sense of bravado
    • Mood changes
    • Behaviour changes
    • Common emotional symptoms of anxiety or depression
    • A sudden change in marks or performance
    • Damaging behaviour (to self, others or property)
    • Acting withdrawn and uninterested in the world around them
    • Trouble with the law or at school

    Physical symptoms

    • Nightmares
    • Lack of appetite or overeating
    • Lack of concentration
    • Headaches
    • Frequent stomach aches
    • Self harm
    • Changes in sleeping habits
    • Common physical symptoms of anxiety or depression
    • Substance use (youth)

    Often it is challenging for them to articulate what they are experiencing, feeling and what they might need.  That is why it can be helpful to use experiential therapies. Our Calgary Psychologists are trained to do these specific types of therapies with children which include:

    • art therapy,
    • play therapy
    • talk therapy.

    The benefits of these models of child therapy include:

    • Children can express their internal world externally.
    • Children can help their child psychologist experience what they are experiencing internally
    • Emotions can be easily regulated through acting out difficult situations
    • The goal is to help the child to learn more about themselves and their emotions. Children can learn how to regulate their emotions and gain different perspectives on challenging situations.

    Our Calgary Child Psychologists desire to create a safe space that is empathetic, encouraging and accepting for the children and their care-givers. Please reach out so that one of our Calgary Child Psychologists can connect with you and your child.