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  • Adult ADHD Assessment

    Adult ADHD is a common yet underdiagnosed neurodevelopmental disorders. It is one of the most common mental disorders that affects children. Unfortunately, it is often missed. Adults are then left to their own devices to figure out coping mechanisms which can make professional and personal life more difficult to navigate.

    Signs and Symptoms of ADHD include:

    ·       Difficulties focusing on task

    ·       Low frustration tolerance

    ·       Time management difficulties

    ·       Inattention

    ·       Short attention span

    ·       Organizational difficulties

    ·       Forgetful in daily activities

    ·       Fidgets

    ·       Impulsive

    ·       Difficulty coping with stress

    ·       Restlessness

    ·       Poor listening skills

    ·       Emotional regulation difficulties

    ·       Careless mistakes

    ·       Concentration difficulties

    At the Calgary Institute of Counselling, we provide assessments for those adults who are trying to determine if ADHD is present. A thorough assessment process can be completed to help you better understand yourself and your brain. Inventories, family history, and school and employment history are all used to determine whether you have ADHD.

    For the ADHD assessment, we need to first understand if you are requiring or wanting a Basic ADHD assessment or a Cognitive ADHD assessment as we offer two options:

    – Option 1: Basic ADHD Assessment

    • Includes: Testing and Screening for ADHD, BAI, BDI, and Trauma Testing
    • Synopsis: This generally comes with a relatively short diagnosis summary than a detailed report.
    • Cost: Between:$1000-$1500.
    • Hours: 6-7 Hours 

    – Option 2: Comprehensive ADHD Assessment

    • Includes: Cognitive testing, ADHD Testing and Screening, Personality Testing, BAI, BDI, and Trauma Screening.
    • Synopsis: This includes a thorough report, significant findings, diagnosis as well as suggestions/recommendations, etc.
    • Cost: Between $2600-$3300.
    • Hours: 12 hours for comprehensive

    To start this process please contact us for more information.