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  • Family Counselling Calgary

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    Just as we all struggle as individuals, we often struggle within our families as well. Families are a unique system. It is not a single person that is problematic, it is the family system itself that needs some help. Family systems, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, want to stay they way they are. They want to stay in their patterns. These patterns, because they have existed since the creation of the family, are hard to break.

    What can help a family change these patterns is Calgary Family Counselling. Your Psychologist will take a thorough assessment of the family to see the patterns that exist. Once a family knows and can consciously see the patterns that exist in the family it becomes easier to change. In Calgary Family Counselling, each member of the family is encouraged to share their point of view of the difficulties. Counselling can help improve communication and resolve conflicts that are happening in the family. Families begin to reconnect and support one another again.

    We also know that families can look a variety of different ways. Maybe it is a blended family. Maybe it is a family with adult children that is struggling. Each family is unique and has its own pattern. We work with all types of families.


    • Life transitions
    • Emotional or behavioural problems
    • Long standing conflict
    • Co-parenting/blended family difficulties
    • Communication difficulties
    • Trauma in the family