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  • Counselling for Children in Calgary, AB

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    As a parent, you want what is best for your child. And if you notice your child having difficulty with their mental health, understandably you’ll become concerned. At the Calgary Institute for Counselling, we recognize the worries that come with seeing your child struggle. Therefore, we offer counselling for children throughout the Calgary, Alberta, area.

    Mental Health Counselling for Children

    Children are receptive to learning. In fact, their brains are described as being able to soak up like a sponge. This is invaluable with mental health counselling, as it means children are more inclined to quickly heal and learn effective ways of managing their challenges. The key is providing them with effective tools to do so.

    How Do You Know if Your Child is Struggling with Their Mental Health?

    Counselling for children may be necessary if the child is showing emotional symptoms of mental health struggle. Some examples of this include an overwhelming fear of things that aren’t scary, a lack of concentration, regression to a younger state, mood changes, and behavior changes.

    Physical symptoms can present as well. Some examples include nightmares, headaches, a loss of appetite, overeating, frequent stomach aches, changes in sleeping habits, and self-harm.

    Approaches to Providing Counselling for Children

    It can be difficult for children to express their emotions. However, experiential therapies prove to be an effective outlet for articulating feelings. At the Calgary Institute of Counselling, our team is trained to provide specific types of experiential therapies for children. This includes:

    • Art therapy
    • Play therapy
    • Talk therapy

    These practices help children better express their thoughts, allowing a mental health professional to understand what the child is internalizing, and regulate emotions through actions.

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    At the Calgary Institute of Counselling, we offer counselling for children in Calgary, AB. To learn more about what we do, contact our team today.