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  • How much is therapy in Calgary? 

    How much is therapy in Calgary? 

    Throughout life, everyone encounters obstacles and challenges they need to overcome; this is inevitable and is actually what makes life worth living because seeing yourself conquer and achieve feet is a feeling like no other. But, a lot of the time, one can pick up a few scars mentally or emotionally while fighting (and winning) your battles – you may not even notice them at first, but as you progress, you may start to see that something’s off. Luckily, this is where therapy comes in, which is a healthy and effective way to deal with one’s inner struggles. You may be wondering what therapy entails precisely and what the rates are, which is why you’ll find a comprehensive guide down below to acquaint yourself with; have a look.


    The Benefits of Therapy


    There are many benefits associated with therapy, but mainly it comes down to the fact that you’re getting everything you’re struggling with out in the open, which is the first step to living a healthier life mentally and emotionally. Down below are a few of the many advantages of receiving therapy:

    • It may help you feel more in control and empowered to tackle your struggles head-on.
    • May teach you how to make healthier and better life choices moving forward.
    • It can enable you to cope better with future obstacles and manage stress better by using healthy strategies to process and work through life challenges.
    • May aid in your communication skills by placing you in a situation where you are required to express yourself and how you feel. 


    How Much is Therapy in Calgary?


    The rates associated with receiving therapy vary, but the Calgary Institute of Counselling is committed to adhering to the guidelines brought forth by the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta, which recommends a fee of $200 per 50 minutes of therapy. These rates are standard and were set out by the association to produce all institutes with an average bar to determine their fees. If you have insurance or an employee benefit plan provided by your employer, your sessions may be covered fully or partially, depending on the insurance plan. Your psychologist’s fees are also tax-deductible and can be submitted along with your income plan.


    Should you only Receive Therapy if you are Struggling with Something?


    The answer is: absolutely not. You do not have to wait until life hands you a rotten lemon before feeling like you can benefit from a therapy session. More and more sources have attested to how therapy can benefit each and every individual, whether you’re currently going through something or feel like life’s going great. Whether your therapy sessions help you realize something you never even knew was off or simply enable you to appreciate what you have more and worry less about the trivial things in life, it’s a win-win situation!


    Before going to your therapy session, try and set some personal goals you’d like to achieve through going to therapy. Keep them in mind while embarking on your journey of self-discovery and healing – you’d be surprised at how much progress you’ve made when looking back!


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