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  • What Are Some Characteristics Of Emotional Safety?

    We all want to feel safe, and we all want to surround ourselves with emotionally safe people, as well as being regarded as emotionally safe by the people close to us. But what is emotional safety and what does it look like in practice?

    The importance of emotional safety is not disputed, so if you want to learn more about what it means and what it looks like, read on now. We’re going to discuss some of the most important characteristics of emotional safety to be aware of.

    Being Able to Empathise

    People who are emotionally safe can empathise with others and understand things from their point of view. People who aren’t so emotionally safe might be too focused on themselves and how they feel to bother thinking about things from the perspective of other people. Empathy is key and it’s something we can all work on. Making an effort to be more empathetic is certainly possible.

    Genuine Patience

    Having patience is something that can be tough for some people. But when you’re dealing with another person, it’s important to remember that their skill level or understanding of something might be different from your own. Being patient and not belittling people is vital, even if you might be frustrated by a particular situation. Again, it’s something that can be worked on with the help of Calgary counseling.

    Listening First

    Another one of the most important characteristics of emotional safety is being a listener and being willing to listen to other people. If you can do that, you’ll find that people are willing to trust you and open up to you as it’s a way of conveying to the world that you do care and you’re not self-obsessed.

    Offering Validation

    Sometimes, when someone opens up to you and tells you something, they’ll be showing you their vulnerable side. After all, it’s not always easy to open up. If someone does open up to you, you need to be able to give them some sort of validation, even if it’s just verbal validation. This will help them feel more secure and it’s a sure marker of someone who’s emotionally safe.

    Refusing to Judge

    No one wants to be judged, especially not when they’re opening up to you or when they’re saying something that makes them feel vulnerable. Being there for friends and people close to you should be unconditional, and that should involve a refusal to judge. It’s one of the key characteristics of emotional safety.

    How You Can Work on All of This?

    Now that we’ve covered the importance of emotional safety and what it looks like, it’s important to consider how you can get help with improving this aspect of your personality. With the help of  Calgary counseling services like those offered by the Calgary Institute of Counselling, you can work on yourself and be the emotionally safe person those around you need you to be.

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