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  • Parent’s guide to nurture self-esteem in their kids

    Parent's guide to nurture self-esteem in their kids - Find everything here

    Parent’s guide to nurture self-esteem in their kids

    Kids learn everything new at the drizzling rate, right from their birth. This includes developing their physical as well as mental strengths. It is needless to say that every parent wants to raise a confident, responsible and knowledgeable child. And you won’t believe what your encouraging words and actions can do for your child’s self-esteem.

    From encouraging your child to crawl to helping them throw a ball or maybe just helping them to draw a perfect circle, motivating your kids to do better every time is one of your major responsibilities of being a parent. Nurturing your child’s self-esteem prepares them for their future by making them strong, happy, and satisfied from the inside out. In fact, it also prepares them to deal with peer pressure, manage responsibilities, face challenges and tackle positive as well as negative emotions.

    Therefore, if you want to nurture your child’s self-esteem, here are some tips that can help you lay a concrete foundation and raise a confident and mentally strong child. Let’s take a quick look!

    • Tell them it’s okay to fail sometimes.

    You were the champion of your school, but that doesn’t mean your kid has to be the one too. You need to understand that every child is born with different skill sets, and the pressure of meeting their parent’s expectations can get very real. And making a big deal about their victories can also pressurize them to win every time.

    That’s the reason why many children can’t handle failures and end up getting depressed or anxious. So, what you have to do is, you need to tell your kids that even if they fail, it’s not the end of the world. It is all about owning up to them and moving on by learning something new from each failure. Using trial and error methods will help your little ones know what’s wrong for them and will definitely serve them well in adulthood.

    • Say NO to comparison.

    Humans are competitive; they want to have a better house, better car, better job, and better life than others. And this can be a huge problem for your children. Comparing your kid’s skills and abilities to another child or maybe his/her past self can scar them forever. Those little bundles of joy start feeling stressed and anxious and starts believing that everyone else is better than they are. And that’s not good!

    Children need to know that they have a distinctive place in the world, and their skills matter regardless of their grades and achievements. So, make sure your child doesn’t feel constant pressure to please you by outdoing others because that’s just the beginning of unhealthy competitiveness.

    • Talk, talk and talk.

    Studies show that families who focus on building positive communication with their little ones through communication have unlocked the recipe of raising confident and strong children.

    According to prominent psychologists, if you let the communication gap grow between you and your children, there will be a time when they’ll prefer to sit in a room aloof, not wanting to share their problems due to the fear of being left unheard. You wouldn’t want that for your children.

    Talking to your children can help you unveil some secrets that you might not even know we’re there in your child’s life. But sometimes there are things that children don’t want to share with their parents, and that’s perfectly fine. For this, you can contact a professional who specializes in Boosting kids confidence because they create a stress-free and safe environment and help children talk about their issues without the fear of being judged. They know that everyone is struggling hard to cope with their struggles. So, they can communicate with your kids and make them talk about what’s bothering them.

    Once your kids learn how to talk about their problems and issues out in the open, it would be much easier to find solutions. That was part of your parenting plan. Right?

    • Encourage special interests

    Helping your children to pursue their interests without putting too much pressure on them is the one thing you shouldn’t compromise with regardless of the situation.

    Think about it, when someone forces you to do anything, do you feel happy or joyful? Obviously, not! Right? So, how can you expect your little one to feel satisfied in doing something he/she doesn’t even love?

    According to the counsellors, when children do something that interests them, their brain kicks into overdrive and helps in releasing substantial amounts of dopamine, the feel-good chemical. They not only feel happy while completing their tasks but also enjoy a sense of accomplishment. And let’s not forget that pursuing their passions helps the kids to focus, and they try hard to excel in the area. A child that enjoys everything he/she does, the accomplishments go a really long way in increasing their self-esteem, and they actually start feeling good about themselves.

    • Stop coddling them

    Parents want their kids to be safe all the time. And that’s why they end up coddling them throughout their lives which is definitely not good for your child’s growth. It is important that your little ones make their own decisions, fail, and then learn from their mistakes. If you eliminate any of those steps in between, you are not only stopping your kids from being independent but also robbing them of the hard work they are supposed to do.

    Coddling your kids will never help them develop their abilities or confidence or the sense to figure out their own problems. Yes, you need to be there for your kids, but not all the time; you need to give them some space and let them take the reigns of their lives.

    Wrapping Up!

    Children learn from their parents. Taking care of their confidence, self-esteem and optimism is the primal role of every parent. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above can help you nurture your little one’s self-esteem and raise them just like you always wanted. So, go and talk to your kids and get to know them before it’s too late.

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