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  • Somatic Counselling Calgary

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    Emotions are powerful energy. Throughout our lives we experience so much. We collect all those experiences in our mind and our bodies. Research teaches us that unprocessed emotions stay and live in our bodies. Because of this, our bodies begin to feel pain which eventually can lead to a variety of things such as chronic pain to autoimmune diseases like fibromyalgia. These can all be traced back to emotions living in our bodies. This is usually because of some trauma that a person has suffered. However, it does not need to be a traumatic event for emotions to stay in the body.  When someone experiences trauma or difficulties in their life it can be difficult to process all the emotions that go along with it. Unfortunately, the unprocessed emotions stay in the body and wreak havoc on people’s bodies.

    At the Calgary Institute of Counselling, we specialized in Calgary somatic therapy. For there to be full and complete healing for someone the body must be considered. Our Calgary psychologists focus on processing emotions and finding where they live in the body. When the body is a focus in counselling, emotions are safely processed and can be released from the body. Through mindfulness and emotional processing in counselling, when emotions are released the mind and body can heal together. The body no longer feels the pain it once did.


    Somatic therapy is helpful for:

    · Trauma

    · Motor vehicle accidents

    · Abuse

    · Sexual Assault

    · Anxiety

    · Depression

    · Anger

    · PTSD

    · Stress & tension in the body

    · Autoimmune disease