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  • Trauma Counselling Available to Patients Throughout The Calgary, AB, Area

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    For patients who are seeking a mental health professional in the Calgary, Alberta, area, turn to the professionals at the Calgary Institute of Counselling. Our team has the skills and experience needed to provide support for a variety of issues, including trauma.

    When you turn to us for trauma counselling, you can expect your therapist to create a safe space. Additionally, during your session, your therapist will encourage an open dialogue where you can speak freely and comfortably about whatever you may be struggling with.

    What is Trauma Counselling?

    Clinically speaking, a traumatic event is something that has in some way threatened someone’s life. Witnessing a threat to another person’s life may also be deemed as a traumatic experience. In order to find a healthy way to process these experiences, speaking to a mental health professional is a smart choice.

    Trauma counselling is a form of talk therapy. Here, your therapist will focus on treating emotional and mental health issues that have been caused by trauma.

    During trauma counselling, a mental health professional will provide the patient with an opportunity to discuss their experiences in an empathetic and supportive setting. The therapist will also provide tools and strategies needed to cope with ongoing difficulties that have resulted from traumatic experiences.

    Contact Us For More Information About Trauma Counselling

    If you have experienced a traumatic event and want help from a mental health professional, contact the Calgary Institute of Counselling. We offer trauma counselling for patients in the Calgary, AB, area.