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  • Psychoeducational Assessments for Children in Calgary, AB

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    At the Calgary Institute of Counselling, our team of dedicated psychologists is committed to shaping the academic success of children in Calgary, Alberta. We do this through specialized psychoeducational assessments. Our focus is on uncovering the unique learning needs of each child through comprehensive assessments.

    Choosing Excellence in Psychoeducational Assessments

    We are dedicated to enhancing children’s educational journeys. With psychologists bringing diverse backgrounds and extensive experiences to the forefront, we ensure effective connections with children from various walks of life.

    Tailored Assessments for Unique Learning Profiles

    Recognizing the diversity in learning styles, our psychoeducational assessments are finely tailored to every child. We prioritize identifying specific strengths and challenges, championing a personalized approach.

    Key Components of Our Comprehensive Assessment Program

    Our program encompasses critical elements to provide a holistic understanding of your child’s learning profile:

    Cognitive Abilities

    Delving into cognitive abilities, we unveil intellectual strengths and areas that may require additional support. This forms the foundation for crafting personalized learning strategies.

    Academic Achievement

    Our assessments explore academic achievements, pinpointing areas of excellence and potential challenges. This insight guides the development of targeted interventions to enhance overall learning outcomes.

    Learning Style and Strategies

    Understanding a child’s learning style is paramount. We examine various learning strategies to ensure that educational interventions align with individual preferences and strengths.

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    At the Calgary Institute of Counselling, we are committed to unlocking the potential within each child. Contact us today to initiate a psychoeducational assessment and empower your child’s academic journey.