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  • What Is An Addiction?

    If you think you have an addiction, you should seek out help and addiction treatment as a matter of urgency. But you might also be confused by the situation and how you ended up where you are now.

    So what is an addiction? And how do you know if you’re addicted to a particular substance or behavior? Those are the questions we’re going to ponder today. So read on more if this is a matter that you feel is relevant to you or someone close to you.

    What Causes Addiction?

    Addictive substances can create a high, which is a feeling of pleasure that can be experienced either, or both, psychologically and physically. When we ask ‘what is an addiction?’ The answer is usually an addiction to that feeling or high that the substance creates. It all happens in the brain, and some people’s brains are more likely than others to become addicted to those highs. Others can try something once and never want to try it again, but people with more addictive personalities find that much harder to do.

    The Stages of Addiction

    There are numerous stages that an addicted person will usually move through. It all starts with experimentation, when the drug or other addictive substance is tried for the first time. It then starts to be used regularly, often in social situations alongside other people. Then there’s the problem or risk phase when extreme steps are taken and risks are embraced. The final stage is a dependency on the substance.

    The Signs of Addiction

    So how do you know if you’re addicted? There are numerous signs of addiction that you might be able to spot in yourself or that someone might be able to spot in you from the outside. Poor decision making relating to the taking of the substance, hiding your habit and struggling to cope with regular day to day activities and routines because of your dependency are all signs that you might be addicted.

    Substances and Behaviours Commonly Associated with Addiction

    Nicotine, hard drugs, and alcohol are among the most common types of addiction. And, of course, each of these is experienced in different ways and has a different level of severity associated with it. Some people become addicted to sex, video games, or gambling. Anything that delivers a high that becomes addictive can develop into a full-blown addiction.

    Counselling and Treatment Options Are Available

    There is addiction treatment out there for people to make the most of, and it’s important that people seek assistance if they feel that their habits are starting to form damaging addictions. Places like the Calgary Institute of Counselling can offer the kinds of recovery-focused treatments and support that you could be looking for. So there’s no need to feel alone with what you’re going through.

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